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Salvatore Colangelo

Name: Salvatore Colangelo

Work Experience

From 1994-1998:
Internship, Institute of Internal Medicine, San Luigi Hospital in Orbassano
(Turin), Italy

From Aug 1998 to Mar 2002:
M.D. at the Pinna Pinto Clinic, Turin, Italy

From 2002-2005:
Fellow Resident in Cardiology, San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Turin.

From Jan 2006 to Sep 2007:
Fellow in Interventional Cardiology at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital, Turin

From Oct 2007 to present:
Resident in Interventional Cardiology at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital, Turin

Post Graduation Work Experience:

From Aug 1998 to March 2002 he served as a Medical Assistant in Pinna Pintor Clinic with a permanent contract and a full-time job. In those years he participated in the cardiological clinical activity carried out at the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery with the Cardiac Surgeons  of the “Mauriziano Umberto I” Hospital of Turin, directed by dr. Riccardo Casabona, and with the Cardioteam directed by dr. Marco Diena.

He followed almost 2,000 patients underwent cardiac surgery, achieving a good knowledge of the post-operative management of cardiac surgery patients. During this  period a scientific collaboration has also been developed within the Arturo Pinna Pintor Foundation, culminated in active participation in National and International Congresses (see attached details)