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Andrea Gagnor

Name: Andrea Gagnor
Nationality: Italian
Address: Maria Vittoria Hospital – Torino

Work experience

1999/2000 Medical Liutenant (Servizio Sanitario c/o infermeria del Comando Regione Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta dell’Arma dei Carabinieri)
3/2004 First Degree Medical Officer, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Ospedale degli Infermi, Rivoli (TO) Italy. Interventional cardiologist
More than 4500 PCI performed as a first operator
More than 1000 Primary PCI as a first operator
From 2010 chief of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory ASL TO3.
From 2016 chief of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Maria Vittoria Hospital, ASL Città di Torino
Faculty member of principal international interventional meetings (EUROPCR, ASIAN PCR, CCT, INDIA LIVE, TOBI, GISE, EUROCTO, RETROGRADE CTO SUMMIT, CTO SUMMIT, JIM, TCT…)
Director of CTO SUMMIT (international meeting on Chronic Total Occlusion revascularization)

Education and training

1991 Scientific baccalaureate

3/1998 Medical Doctor, degreee in Medicine and Surgery. 105/110

11/2003 graduation in Cardiology (Turin University, 70/70, Magna cum Laude)

Chronic total Occlusion (CTO), Primary angioplasty, Complex PCI

Member of EUROCTO Club since 2010 (European Club of angioplasty in chronic total occlusion)
Proctor for Chronic Total Occlusion and complex PCI since 2012

Major Pubblications

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