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TruEducationNetwork (TEN) is an e-learning platform aiming to create an international network to share, promote and exchange clinical expertise and knowledge in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

Thanks to live and recorded cases, animations and critical appraisal of educational articles we are able to provide the tools to keep up-to date with innovations, translate forefront knowledge to guide clinical practice and to improve critical thinking.

To meet the aforementioned objectives, TEN is based in three key elements:

  1. Interaction: involving the learner with a learning by doing methodology
  2. Dynamism: acquiring the learner new targeted skills just in time according to his/her learning curve
  3. Modularity: by offering the possibility to organize the contents of the learning project according to the needs of the users.

We wish TEN represents a useful and innovative e-learning platform for your training in cardiovascular interventions. We are very pleased to receive your feedback and we hope you join us soon.